Kursy specjalizacyjne

Hesperis Course 2017

Data rozpoczęcia: 22 Marzec 2017 | Data zakończenia: 25 Marzec 2017 | Miejsce: Europa

Hesperis attempts to provide advanced knowledge in transplantation for professionals who are entering the field.

The main objective is to provide advanced overviews and inspiring discussions of the most relevant aspects of transplantation for physicians, surgeons and scientists entering the field of transplantation in a European transplant centre.

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LIDO Course 2017

Data rozpoczęcia: 28 Czerwiec 2017 | Data zakończenia: 30 Czerwiec 2017 | Miejsce: Europa

Educational Objectives

To provide a podium for transplant surgeons and urologists who are specialising in live donor kidney transplantation

To learn the surgical techniques for minimally-invasive kidney donation under the guidance of established and internationally recognised leaders in the field

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